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Adams Green are not your typical accountants. More than simply guardians of your credits and debits, we transcend basic bookkeeping to the role of trusted strategic advisors to small businesses, startups and non-profits.

We leave traditional accounting functions such as audits, reviews and tax preparation to other firms so we can focus on what we love: providing expertise, straightforward advice and deep experience to build scalable, sustainable organizations. Flexible, creative and proactive, we plan for the unexpected. While you’re busy with the day-to-day, we’re scanning the horizon for risks and opportunities. We scale our services to your needs, match your sense of urgency and tailor our services as you grow.

You get the benefit of a CFO without hiring one full-time. You’ll feel like you have an entire accounting department behind you. Because you do.

Adams Green Is Different

We’re a team of professional accountants. But we’re also a small business with the same challenges, love of family and hopes for our community as you. We work hard, have fun and try to do good in the world.

If you value these things, too, let’s chat. We’d love to be part of your team.

  • Owen Green

    Star Wars geek. Tragically Hip fan. Devoted dad.

    Owen has a knack for homing in on the unique needs of each client, then charting a customized path forward. A Mount Allison University alumnus, he got his CPA designation with a big accounting firm and worked for two of New Brunswick's largest employers before co-founding Adams Green with Haley. He loves helping clients have those ‘aha!’ moments, where they see the forest and the trees.

    Email: owen@adamsgreen.ca
    Phone: (506) 654-0713

  • Ashley Phillips

    World traveler. Forest explorer. Dedicated cat cuddler.

    Ashley is the go-to pro for your daily accounting needs. She loves nothing more than taking away the stress of staying on top of your books so you can focus on what you do best. With a BBA from UNB and a diploma in accounting and payroll from Eastern College, she’s got the chops. Plus, she is really, really nice.

    Email: ashley@adamsgreen.ca

Our Mission

Adams Green knows success is about more than money. We are proud to have been the first accountants in Canada to be a B Corporation. That means we value people and the planet as much as profit. Accounting isn’t just numbers to us. It’s a way to help our community, and the people and organizations in it, succeed.

We wanted to find a new way for accounting needs to be met. To have meaningful relationships with our clients. So, we partner with small businesses and non-profits that align with our values. You’ll love working with us as much as we love changing the world, one organization at a time.

For more on our mission, see our FAQs.

How We Work

We customize our services to the specific needs of each client. We know different sectors and industries have diverse needs and priorities. Our solutions respect your business stage, budget and growth plans. Whatever your demands, our emphasis is on strategic guidance, not just covering the basics. Here are some of the ways we can work with you:

Set your direction
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Support your day-to-day
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Preparing for the next step
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  • "Owen helped revamp our financial processes and established an internal finance function rightsized for our organization. He continues to provide value through mentorship and sober second thought."
    Wayne Chamberlain, President, Intelisys Aviation Systems

  • "As both an accountant and a company founder I value the ability to entrust our accounting to someone who is more than just a bookkeeper. It lets me focus on growing our business."
    Stewart Walchli CPA, CA, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Introhive

  • “I have confidence that Adams Green are counting the pennies, that they are watching our backs. They’re an anchor for us. It’s good to be grounded when it comes to the numbers, especially for a firm like ours, that is in a creative field.”
    Stephen Kopp, Partner, Acre Architects

    Acre Architects
  • "More than anything, it feels as though we have a whole accounting department to take care of anything from budgeting and modelling to payroll and more. There’s a really solid team. It feels like we’re working with a larger company than they are."
    Topher Kingsley-Williams, Founder & CEO, Porpoise

  • "Adams Green has played a very vital role in Hammond River Brewing since day one…I like to run everything past them, because I trust their advice. Adams Green will always be a vital part of HRB."
    Shane Steeves, Founder, Hammond River Brewing

    Hammond River Brewing
  • "Accounting is very backward-looking, but a CFO thinks, where are we going to go? Adams Green keep track of our yesterdays, with an eye on where we want to go tomorrow."
    Greg Hemmings, Founder & CEO, Hemmings House Pictures

    Hemmings House

We’d love to chat!

email: owen@adamsgreen.ca
phone: (506) 654-0713

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3 Hospital Lane
Saint John, NB E2L 0E6

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