Set your direction

If you are starting out or need to shift course, we can:

Put the right tools, processes and people in place.
Plan and budget for growth.
Identify key drivers of success and how to measure them.

Adams Green helped Shane Steeves grow Hammond River Brewing into a thriving craft-beer enterprise. Since opening its new facility in June 2017, HRB has increased its volume 30-fold, tripled its staff and is on track for further expansion.

Shane Steeves

Shane Steeves
Founder, Hammond River Brewing

“Adams Green has played a very vital role in Hammond River Brewing since day one. Before I moved into my new brewery, I was literally a one-man show. From cleaning to brewing to bookkeeping to invoicing, I did it all. I’ve had a very hands-on role for a lot of my business. But there was no way I could continue to do what I used to. I didn’t want to, either.

Once I knew I needed to expand, they took ownership of the financial part. Adams Green was a major facilitator of our growth, helping us get where we needed to go. I don’t do anything financially without texting or calling them. They’re my brains in that department. I like to run everything past them, because I trust their advice. Adams Green will always be a vital part of HRB. “

Hammond River Brewing

Adams Green also helped Porpoise, a New Brunswick startup engaging employees around corporate social responsibility programs, ramp up:

Topher Kingsley-Williams

Topher Kingsley-Williams
Founder & CEO, Porpoise

“When I met Owen, I quickly realized Adams Green’s cultural values matched ours. There’s a balance between work and life. There’s a strong focus on family. There’s a lot of interest in community involvement and helping out.

They’re an accounting firm that is a little different.

They have a hands-on approach. As a start-up, it’s incredibly important to have a sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility to certain projects and certain work. There’s a level of hustle they have.

More than anything, it feels as though we have a whole accounting department to take care of anything from budgeting and modelling to payroll and more. There’s a really solid team. It feels like we’re working with a larger company than they are.”