Support your day-to-day

You need a partner to own your financials, so you can focus – worry-free – on growth.

Adams Green works with the Saint John Community Foundation:

Kelly Evans

Kelly Evans
Executive Director, Saint John Community Foundation

“Working in the non-profit sector, you wear many hats, and financial management is one that may require external help. In my world, transparency is crucial. Our stakeholders really value that level of rigor above and beyond our internal processes and our external audit. That infusion of expertise is critical in enhancing our reputation, we need that financial credibility.

Through the 70-plus endowed funds we steward, there’s a high degree of complexity. Thanks, in part, to Adams Green, we’re able to create policies and procedures around each of those funds to ensure donors have a high level of satisfaction around the impact of their gift, and our community is getting every dollar.

Adams Green is a sounding board and a lens around continuous improvement. They bring current best practices, such as a new accounting software that made us more aligned and efficient, resulting in cost savings.

It gives us a high degree of comfort and confidence that we have that level of expertise to draw upon.”

Adams Green works with Hemmings House Pictures to support its day-to-day and long-term strategies:

Greg Hemmings

Greg Hemmings
Founder & CEO, Hemmings House Pictures

“Hiring Adams Green was the first step in creating a truly successful business after years of trying to stay above water. Even when we had bookkeepers, they weren’t accountable to me. They weren’t saying, ‘You’re almost bankrupt.’ Entrepreneurs are excitable – I’m very much a ‘yes’ person. For me to be brilliant, I have to think big, to be creative and silly. But without that practical support around me, it would be a mess.

This goes above and beyond someone doing your books, it means true strategy partners. Owen and Haley take care of a lot of our business affairs. They deal with those things that distract me from building the business.

Accounting is very backward-looking, but a CFO thinks, where are we going to go? Adams Green keep track of our yesterdays, with an eye on where we want to go tomorrow.”

Hemmings House