Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Accountants get a bad rap for looking backward. So, we resisted the temptation to post about our fifth anniversary, which we celebrated last week. Instead, we’re looking forward to what’s to come in year six for Adams Green.

For starters, we’re excited to present our new website, courtesy of Dan Culberson and Kate Wallace. Dan did the design, photos and all the technical stuff. Kate helped us by pulling our random thoughts into logical sentences. Plus, she took some time to speak with a few of our customers to develop some great examples of how we work.

Our site will be a place where we regularly share insights that matter to entrepreneurs. We hope you’ll tune in.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share news about:

  1. Our team
  2. Our purpose
  3. What we do
  4. Who we work with
  5. Our home

There’s much to be excited about as we enter year six, and it’s all going to help us help our amazing clients. We’re very thankful for your support over the last five years, and we’re looking forward to the future with you.